Non-Electric World


In practice there are only two ways to do handle communication: Light trough optical fiber for short and long distance and light in general for short distance communication. Optical fiber can deliver vast amount of data, but in order to work optical computers/circuits would be needed.

Offices, shops etc.

Offices, shops etc. would work same way as private houses would.


Factories would mainly work but they might be much less efficient than today.

Land transportation

Cars would be like described in Non-Electric Car

Trains are working even today with diesel engine. Electronic parts would be needed to replace with other technologies like in the non-electric car has been done.

Especially for subway trains it would be important to develop more efficient exhaust filters.

Water transportation

After modifications also ships would work, but navigation without a radio, a satellite navigations system, a radar, a sonar or a compass would be difficult. A compass is not using electricity but it is using magnetism anyway. Can a solar flare hurt a compass?

Air transportation

Airplanes navigation would be even more difficult than ships.

Main question here is would an airplane fly? Probably, but they would be less efficient, comfortable and safe.