I think that the schooling system in Finland is ineffective. I liked to present better one. Main problems with the system is that it hinders good students progress and it is not very efficient way to learn for other strudents either.

1.0 Schools to day

Here we can see the general structure of the schooling system. Main difference would be in basic school area, instead of classes there would be age groups. This way there will be no classes only default age groups.

In basic school there are classes. Every pupil must fullfill their current class to get to next one. Even if a pupil is very good, it's not possible skip classes. We need to change that. In the school all subjects supposed to be based on courses. This way good pupils could just fullfill all the mandatory courses to graduate from the school. This is why it was used age group instead of classes and the idea is that age group would just be a guidline for the teachers and the pupils.

High school already is based on cources. We just need to skip classes as with basic school.

2.0 Schooling methods today

Today we have a teacher and books. With excellent teacher, small class (small number of pupils in a class) and good pupils this would be enough, but we mainly have less than excellent teachers, big classes and less than good pupils. Something else is needed.

3.0 The New Schooling System

3.1 The Education Core

Here you can see a description about the education core. It's possible to connect to the system via multible devices. It contains all data needed for learning. When the system is created it important that Finland gets all the rights to the system, this way it is possible to give to all pupils.

3.2 Schooling areas

In this picture there are visible the schooling areas. The education core is mainly for the cramming area, but it can be used to control the other areas too.

3.3 Learning methods

Different people learn different ways, this means that in the system it is needed different methods to learn. In the picture we can see most common methods.

3.4 Teaching methods

When choosing right method/methods it is needed to keep in mind the subject and the age group.

3.5 In the Beginning

In the beginning a pupil will get teching how to use the system and he/she also learns what are the best ways for her/him to learn. In the beginning of a school there is a default schedule for all pupils. In the shchedule a pupil can see when the tests are, due date for essees and when some cource is needed to be learned etc. The schedule can be changed depending on pupils learning skils and this way everybody have their own schedule.

3.6 How to build the new system

Fist rule about the creation schooling material is to get full immaterial rights to Finnish National Agency for Educatiion - EDUFI.

In the end there would there would be perfect teaching method in use in every type of school, but first we need to select where to start to get the system done. First of cource it's needed the education core available. The first school would be basic school, because it applies every pupil in Finland.

I assume that most cost efficient it would be start to make "the perfect video lectures". How much they would cost for the basic school? Let's make very rough estimate. Today there are 9 classes, 190 schooling days and average 6 hours in a day. If we estimate that 60% of the hours are in cramming area. Also if we make very conservative estimation that one hour would cost 10.000 euros. We get 6156 lectures and just over 60 million euros. Not so much.

Second step would be create eBooks based on existing paper books. Costs?

3.7 Pupils month

3.7.1 Julias month

Julia is a responsible pupil from good and caring family. She has permission to do her gramming area school subjects at home and she is using this privilege meaning that she is most of the month at home. There are other areas schooling related to social skils, practical skils, motivation, seaching information, sports, problem solving etc. These lesons are held at school and taking about week and half from a month. She has also montly individual face to face meetings with her tutor, taking about one hour. Every friday there is a test day and depending on her test schedule she could have from zero to four test days.

3.7.2 Peters month

Peter comes single mother family. His mother is an alcoholic. Even he has nowadays permission to be at home doing his gramming subjects he prefers to be at school avoiding his mother and getting a meal two times day and also fruits as snack. Otherwise his month is similar to Julias month.

3.8 Tutors/teachers month

Anton is a tutor for sixty pupils. Most of his days are spend for individual face to face meeting with his pupils. He is also a history teacher meaning that he needs to inspect history esseys and give on/off line answer about history questions. Every teacher also need to do his/her share regarding test days momitoring. This means that it is needed to check that right pupil is doing the test and he/she is not cheating. In those test days everybody is doing his/her own subjet test to the system. As today also keeping order is one of his duties.

3.9 What would all this mean in practice?

- the education core would take care most of the teaching in the cramming area.

- other shcooling areas would be like to day, except of learning of social skils, emotional skils/motivation, information searching and problem solving should have better ways

- if the pupils have question about the teaching materials, they should check FAQ area first before enter the question to the system.

- most of the exams will be checked by the system. The teacher checks all essays and other texts.

- the exams would be available in the system and pupils would do the exams to the system. The teachers should take care that the right pupil is doing the exam to the system to the teacher.

- teachers and pupils would have individual meetings peridiocally.

- the teachers would be more like mentors and they would control pupils progress in the system

- the school should provide laptops or tablets

- in the school there supposed to be quiet areas for the learning. Language studios would be recomment if during the learning session it is needed to speak.

- instead of school a pupil could study at home.

- when the system finds that a pupil is in the required level regarding the cource the pulpil could ask for a test.

- there would be test day every friday.

- the system is best for elementary and high school, it would be only limitedly suitable in a university

- learning of the use of the system would be challenge in the lowest age groups.