Current self propelled howitzers are not good enough. Too big crew is needed, they have only little amount of ammunitions and their range is too short.

This self propellant howitzer is in two peaces. There are cabin and gun units. The gabin is for two to four men grew. In the gun unit there are ammunition storage and the howither gun, which is fully automated. Howitzher gun's ammunition load is 60 pcs. In the storage there are 120 pcs more ammunition.

The gun has two piece barrel. The first barrel piece is smoothbore. The second barrel piece is replaceable and the barrels are rifled. Length of the whole barrel is 103 caliber (16 meters/52 and half feet). The length could easily be much longer.

There are some ways to extend the range of a howitcher: longer barrel, use more powder, more powerful propellant or rocked assisted projecties. The speed of the projectile could be in hypesonic area. It would mean more than 1702 m/s or 6126 km/h or 3808 mph or 5.0 Mach.

The range of the howitcher could be well over 100 km (62 miles). Because of very high speeds, the rifle of the barrels will wear of fast. This is the reason for replaceable fifled barrels. The first barrel last longer, because it is smoothbore and the speeds are lower in the beginning.