There are no jet engine VTOL (VTOL = Vertical Takeoff And Landing) aircrafts for civil aviation. This is because there are no adequate VTOL jet engines. Let's design one.


Back in the 1960's Rolls-Royce designed the jet engine RB162 as a VTOL engine. The thrust-to-weight ratio was 18.75:1, it was designed based on traditional jet engine design and it was newer used (excep prototypes).

My idea here is to create a VTOL engine that has very high thrust-to-weight ratio. Ways to do that is to use a structure where the inlet has been turned toward the nozzle. This makes the structure simplier and lighter. Also low compression ratio of the compressor lower the compressor temperature and makes it possible to use composite materials, which are much lighter than traditionel materials. Also the fact that a VTOL engine would be used much shorter time than the main jet engine, gives possibility to use more changeable components.

Another requirement is to make the engine short in order to make it possible fit to aircrafts wings.

My estimate for the thrust-to-weight is more than 50:1.