Here you can see about 50 kN ( 11 240 lbf) VTOL jet engine. It is more detailed concept desing about the second concept candidate: Concepts

I don't guarantee that this more detailed concept design would work or the thrust-to-weight ratio is more than 50 even after some changes. Anyway, my assumption is that it works and the thrust-to-weight is more than 50 maybe after some changes.

Main technical specifications:

  • Weight: 81 kg (179 lb)
  • Thrust-to-weight ratio: 64
  • Diameter: 880 mm (34,65 in)
  • Minimum hight: 670 mm (26,38 in)

  • Construction and pictures can be found here:

  • Main Assembly
  • Frame Assembly
  • Rotor Assembly
  • Stator Assembly
  • Other Parts

  • Bill of material can be found here: BOM

    The basic jet engine calculations can be found here: Calculations