Non-Electric World


It's possible that a massive solar flare burns most of the electrical equipment on the Earth or at least the non-protected ones? Looks that NASA think so. This is good enough excuse to find out what it would mean to live without electricity

My intention is to give an idea what the world would look like without electricity with three example cases: Non-Electric Car, Non-Electric House and Non-Electric World

Non-Electric Car

Electricity is very useful and it's not so easy to replace it, but it is possible to create a car that doesn't use electricity anywhere and still have many of the modern car accessories?

Car engine

As we know a diesel engine doesn't need electricity for ignition, but it still needs electricity with many of its functions. We can use compressed air instead electricity to run functions of a diesel engine.



In the picture there are a battery, a battery charger and an electric starter replaced with a compressed air tank, an air compressor and a starter that works with compressed air respectively.

Also electric glowplugs are needed to replace somehow. There is no ready made construction for that, but it supposed to be possible make one using kerosene and compressed air.

There are also many pumps related to a diesel engine. It's possible to make pumps working with compressed air.

Car lights

One of most difficult thing to do is create usable light for car usage without electricity.

Using a pressurized kerosene (paraffin) lamp it's possible to create very bright light. Its gas mantle is fragile and additional development is required to get it stand long enough in car conditions.

It would also be possible to use friction to produce bright light. In this case compressed air would be used to rub two metals together. This is probably even more unpractical than a pressurized kerosene lamp.


In the picture we can see a modified pressurized kerosene lamp. The light is transferred forward using optical fibers. Compressed air is used to control lights. The controls are in a dashboard.

Car general

In spite of a engine and lights in a car there are a lot of things using electricity. Some of them are possible to replace with non-electric methods like compressed air, hydraulics and mechanical methods and some are not.

Examples of those that are possible to replace (compressed air):

- windscreen wiper

- windscreen washer

- air conditioner

- power windows

Examples of those that are not possible to replace:

- car stereos etc.

- car computer

- satellite navigator

- cell phones

Non-Electric House

Is it possible to build a private house where no electricity is used?


As with the Non-Electric Car also a Non-Electric House would need compressed air to run things. Needed light would be generated with a kerosene lamp and it would distributed with optical fiber. Compressed air could be created with a diesel engine or a wind mill.

There are several ways to produce heat energy like: a geothermal heat pump, a air source heat pump, a solar water heater, using heat from a diesel engine, burning liquid or gaseous fuels, burning wood etc. Heat pumps could also be used for cooling.


Home appliances & functions

How we can change electric home appliances to non-electric home appliances? We can use following things to do that:

- compressed air

- warm or cool water

- liquid or gaseous fuel burners, burning wood

- light from optical fiber

- in princible it could be possible to create optical computers or circuits for control, but we don't have those at the moment


We maybe could use optical computers and circuits. This is under development in many places but we can't be sure if it ever would work without electricity. Link


Compressed air and light are used to create loudspeaker. To make this it would be needed a componet that uses light to control compressed air to create sound. It would be like a transistor. I have no idea how to build it. To build a microphone same thing would be needed but in opposite way.

If it's possible crete optical computers that would not use electricity, I assume it would also be possible to create a TV, an audio system and a landline telephone with same technology. The TV would mean a fiber cable TV only.

It's not possible build these without any electronic part or at least the result would be unpractical (wireless remore control):

- Microwave oven

- Cell phone

- Remore control (wireless)