Density of air da= 1.25 kg/m^3

Average velocity of the wind Vw= 4 m/s

Area of the inlet A= 4 m^2

Average force of the wind Fw= 0.5 x da x Vw^2 x A = 40 N

Average radius of the turbine r= 0.65 m

Torgue of the turbine T= r x Fw = 26 Nm

Rotational speed n= 8.33 rps (500 rpm)

Power of the turbine P= T x 2 x PI() x n / 1000 = 1.36 kW

Energy of the turbine in an hour Eh= 1.36 kWh

Hours in a year hy= 24 x 365 = 8760 h

Energy efficiency factor ef= 0.7

Energy in a year Ey= ef x Eh x hy = 8348 kWh